Biggest Yorkshire Pudding Ever....Delicious

Biggest Yorkshire Pudding Ever....Delicious

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

House Hunting

So I see that many think my sausages and mash don't look appealing, but I assure you, they were delicious(and did I mention the size of that Yorkshire pudding [Kyle]...)...I don't know how to post pictures normally enjoy til I figure it out.
We have had a busy day....opened a bank account, met with our agency for teaching and went to view a house. Finding a house is proving to be a challenge...but whats life without a few good challenges!  That is so much easier to say after a few pints...
But really, we are staying postitive that we will find something soon.

The food here is soo great. We found an real Italian... deli and had a delicious sandwich for lunch. They were like "Doa Youa Wanta Fresha Crackeda Blacka Peppera?" Colin is shaking his head...I have no idea why..? :)

We were walking in a market square in the middle of a shopping centre earlier today and I said to Colin, "This looks like Epcot!" Which, if you haven't been, has replicas of villages all over the world. And it dawned on me....we were standing in a place that those replicas were based cool.



  1. Hey Jen and Colin

    Happy Birthday Jennifer. Enjoy your Blue Rodeo evening.

    Lets us know how it all turned out.

    Auntie Moe xoxox

  2. Hey! We need more updates! It's been a little while!
    Do you have a place yet???

    Linz & Liam